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Strategism Inc

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Strategism Inc.: Powerful Solutions


Strategism Inc. is known as a solutions-driven IT firm; a company dedicated to delivering every customer, and every client, with unparalleled IT business solutions and project management services that optimize both efficiency and effectiveness. In business since 2008, the company continues to be depended on by companies throughout the region for the solutions that allow them to overcome challenges, achieve competitiveness and reach their goals well into the future.


Strategism Inc. is comprised of experienced IT professionals who understand what firms of all shapes and sizes are looking for when it comes to developing and implementing an IT solution. As project management experts, they continue to lead the way in terms of value, dependability and speed.

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    Strategism Inc.: Recognized and Reputable


    • Many companies throughout the Bay Area, particularly Fortune 500 firms, continue to recognize the IT professionals at Strategism Inc. as one of the best IT solutions companies in the industry. With expertise and experience in project management and IT solutions delivery, Strategism has earned a strong reputation for excellence, and continues to strive towards a higher standard when it comes to customer service and care.


    •  Strategism Inc. understands that each firm, regardless of size, has unique IT needs, and requires IT solutions that allow them to meet their unique management and project objectives. This is why their professionals work in concert with each client to strategize, develop and implement new business initiatives that fit within their particular organization, and that work towards the creation of higher performance and management optimization that allows them to remain competitive and productive.


    •  Strategism Inc. is a competent, reputable and committed IT solutions firm that had produced a high rate of customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Our Clients


    Two High-Quality IT Tools Available through Strategism Inc.


    • If you’re seeking superlative project management capability, and are in need of information technology solutions that are proven to work, try Strategism Inc. today. The PMStrategy and PMStrategyAgile Tools available from Strategism afford companies the opportunity to better manage and organize their projects in ways they never thought possible, using cloud-based technology to make collaboration, organization and customer engagement easier, simpler and faster.


    • Strategism Inc. has helped numerous Fortune 500 firms throughout the Bay area, and looks forward to the chance to help any new or existing customer receive the IT solutions they need to be successful and competitive. With PMStrategy and PMStrategyAgile, they are able to provide cutting-edge3 project management solutions that make the achievement of your strategic business initiatives possible. Currently working on version 2.0 of both products, the team at Strategism Inc. aims to make these two tools more functional and effective than ever, and to add features that them even more effective than before.


    • Strategism Inc. offers clients services in a variety of IT areas, and aims to provide comprehensive services and functionality to every client, whatever the size of the company. Thought leadership is what they really provide every firm, and they have been leaders in the field since 2008.

Areas of Expertise

    Strategism Inc.: Unmatched IT Expertise


    • The IT expertise you’ll find at Strategism Inc. is largely without equal. A leader in business IT solutions and project management since 2008, Strategism continues to earn the reputation as one of the best companies on the region for solutions that allow companies to pursue and achieve their strategic business objectives.


    •  Strategism Inc., founded by Dr. Sam Swapn over six years ago, has provided high-quality IT solutions and professionally certified project managers to numerous Fortune 500 companies throughout the Bay Area, including Cisco, Apple, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. By providing companies the ability build and implement new initiatives at optimal speeds, they allow these companies to remain competitive, giving them the tools and solutions they need to be a viable market force for many years to come.


    •  Strategic Business Technology Solutions are their specialty, and have been an area they have excelled at for many years. In the business of helping businesses, clients and partners grow into flourishing competitive market forces, Strategism Inc. has established themselves as the IT solutions team to turn to for all a company’s unique IT and project management needs. You’ll find no one as devoted or committed to their clients’ success as the It professionals at Strategism, the region’s leader in IT business solutions.


    Strategism Inc. Professionalism and Service


    • The IT solutions team at Strategism Inc. provide the utmost value and quality service to every customer. Committed to providing a great customer service experience, they aim to deliver Strategic Business Technology Solutions, Project Management and more to companies of all sizes, and to ensure every client receives the best they have to offer.


    •  Strategism Inc. works only with qualified, certified and knowledgeable individuals, people who have years of experience and training in information technology and management and can deliver the client IT solutions both quickly and effectively. Led by Dr. Sam Swapn, who has over two decades of experience in the field, Strategism Inc. continues to be a source of solutions and optimization for many throughout the Bay Area.


    •  Don’t trust your firm’s IT solutions or project management needs to anyone else. The qualified and experienced professionals at Strategism provide every customer an unbeatable service experience, and are known for producing a high-rate of customer satisfaction.

Additional Details

    Strategism Inc.: Carving a Niche


    • Strategism Inc. has made a name for itself in the IT field by cultivating an extensive list of clients; building and establishing relationships with companies, customer and clients throughout both the United States and the world. Through diligence, insight and innovation, they have proven to be a useful ally to many when it comes to project management, IT solutions and more.


    •  Companies of all shapes and sizes have turned to Strategism Inc. for their IT needs. Businesses from numerous industries and various locations in the US and beyond have relied on their professional team to optimize performance, efficiency and effectiveness.
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