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Reputation Advocate was founded in 2006. As such, it is one of he more experienced online reputation management companies in the industry. Initial projects were targeted for the company’s Managing Director Steven Wyer; then, as processes and tools were further developed to rehabilitate online content, other businesses were referred to Reputation Advocate. From its inception the company was built on the foundation of fair representation within online search results for businesses, professionals, families and institutions.

As clients recognized that algorithms utilized to value content online were complex and not easily understood, Reputation Advocate stepped in to offer education and delivered services to assist in the correction and suppression of search results as well as promotion of its growing international client base.

Reputation Advocate provides a comprehensive suite of services designed to correct, protect and defend its clients. The firm works to correct inaccurate, inappropriate and embarrassing search results. Reputation Advocate protects its clients by building pro-active strategies used not only to establish a clear and transparent identity but also to control the information delivered when search queries are done. Finally, Reputation Advocate provides defense by utilizing proprietary tools designed to dig deep into the content found online and expose all of the potentially damaging information that could appear without warning and attack a client’s otherwise respectable reputation.

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Online Properties/Assets


Our Clients


    • Remove Slander and negative remarks
    • Suppress negative media, legal, mugshots etc.
    • Protect by proactively monitoring and managing to safeguard clients’ online reputations

Areas of Expertise

    • Online Reputation Development
    • Online Reputation Repair
    • Online Reputation Management
    • Online Reputation Monitoring
    • Advanced Search Tools


    • Steven Wyer, Managing Director

Additional Details

    Major Competitors

    • Reputation Rhino




    • Full Time Employees: 26 – 50
    • Revenue: $5 million – $9,999,999
    • Core Practice Areas: Reputation Management
    • Secondary Areas: No services available.
    • Languages: English, Spanish, French
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