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With years of experience removing negative listings, online reputation managment company Profile Defenders knows how to negotiate with webmasters and major websites such as Yelp and Trip Advisor to get these listings removed. Profile Defenders offers negative listing removal services which include putting together all of the necessary documentation to show that these listings are inaccurate, distorted, fraudulent and damaging to your company.

In addition to negative listing removal, Profile Defender’s SEO professionals can craft campaigns to successfully replace negative listings with positive listings that are factual. The company can get great reviews from your satisfied customers using a number of different techniques.Profile Defenders has a team of SEO experts who know the search engines inside and out and understand how keywords and keyword phrases turn up negative results. They also keep up with all of the recent changes to Google and other search engines. Profile Defenders has a variety of tools at our disposal to help in keeping your reputation fair and accurate.

They also have the latest tools for monitoring what is said about you online and protecting your privacy. Our service is custom tailored to meet your company’s specific needs. You can choose which private business matters you would like to protect and we can do it for you.Unlike many of the companies just springing up to handle this problem online, They’ve been doing this for years. They have thousands of satisfied clients under our belt who have prospered since having their negative listings removed.Using our services, you can continue to live your life or run your business without worry. The internet should help your business grow and prosper. You shouldn’t feel threatened by something that could be posted by a disgruntled ex-employee, competitor or customer who has misunderstood your business practice. Let us help you use the World Wide Web to your advantage.

With satellite offices located in New York City, Washington D.C. and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Profile Defenders will proudly serve you anywhere in the world. The company will be more than happy to meet with you to discuss your online reputation needs.

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    • Promote positive reviews and press releases about yourself or business.
    • Create viral effects of new positive publicity about your business or yourself utilizing our proprietary Social Network software.
    • In the end you see results, gain back any business you would have lost with negative publicity and your future employer sees positive results when they search for you.

Areas of Expertise

    • Social media reputation management services
    • Negative listing removal services


    • Richart Ruddie, CEO
    • David Lynn, CEO

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