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Summary Zerorez Franchise Owners operate a business that will provides complete floor and fabric care and cleaning
services. Fabric and floor care and cleaning services offered by Zerorez franchisees include carpet, upholstery, fabric, hard surface (except wood) floors, air duct cleaning
and the sale of air filters.The Zerorez Business
Zerorez is in the business of providing complete floor and fabric care services under its
trademarks and service marks, providing access to equipment and supplies related to those
services, licensing franchisees to operate a Zerorez business in a particular geographic area.
Zerorez also manufacturers, sells and distributes to its franchisees certain equipment,
accessories and supplies for use in connection with an Zerorez business.

The Zerorez Franchise

Each Zerorez franchise offers complete services related to carpet and living surfaces care to
individuals and businesses using methods and techniques specified by Zerorez. These services
are provided using the proprietary Zerorez technology and equipment, which is contained in a
truck bearing our distinctive colors and marks. Zerorez franchisees also offer various products
and cleaning supplies specified by us for sale to the public.
If you become a Zerorez franchisee, you must compete with a large number of already
established locally owned floor care businesses, many of which have been in business for a
significant period of time. There are also several national or regional programs offering franchises
similar to ours against which you will compete. You should consult your local yellow pages
telephone directory under such categories as “Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners” and “Tile and
Stone Care” to determine the number of competitors in your area. You can anticipate that, because
of the number of competitors likely to be in your area, consumers are likely to be very cost
A Zerorez business is subject to numerous laws and governmental regulations that apply to
businesses generally. In addition, certain areas of the country may have environmental regulations
which may affect how you operate your Zerorez business. Before you purchase a Zerorez
franchise, we suggest that you check on the existence of those regulations in your area.
We began offering franchises in 2003, and we have never offered franchises in any other line of

Industry Categories
Primary: Cleaning
Sub-categories: Cleaning Services

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    • James K. Stone, President
    • Jeff B. Christensen, Director of Franchising
    • Randy K. Johnson, Secretary

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    • Initial Investment Required
    • $36,000 to $89,700
    • Initial Franchise Fee: $15,000
    • Initial Training: N/A
    • Is financing available? N/A
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