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The 1800-Flooded franchise opportunity allows franchisees to use the 1-800-Flooded tradename and telephone number within a designated territory.


1-800-Flooded, Inc. is a Nevada corporation. The principal business of 1800-Flooded is licensing and franchising the tradename and telephone number “1-800-Flooded,” to which the company has exclusive rights. 1-800-Flooded, Inc. has no other business activities and does not itself engage in the flood damage business.

The 1800-Flooded franchise consists of the following: (a) the non-exclusive right to use the tradename “1-800-Flooded” in your geographical area; and (b) the exclusive right to receive and respond to telephone calls to the I-800-Flooded number from the telephone prefixes that you license from us. There are no requirements that you buy advertising or marketing materials from us although they are available if you want them. 1-800-Flooded, Inc. does not participate in the management of your business in any way, shape, or form. 1-800-Flooded, Inc. only ask that you refrain from any activity that will bring our tradename into disrepute and that you indemnify us in case of any claim advanced against us on account of your activities.

Most franchisees will have an existing water damage restoration business and will be interested in expanding their market share through use of the 800-Flooded tradename and number. 1-800-Flooded, Inc. does not operate the kinds of businesses being franchised.

The potential customers for the business being offered to the franchisees include principally owners of real property damaged by water, such as might result from natural flooding, faulty construction, or burst pipes. We are not aware of any regulations specific to the industry other than those which might be imposed by the state or local authorities in your area, such as the requirement for a contractor’s license or a business license for the municipality in which you are located.

There is no competition for the I-800-Flooded tradename or number. We have the
exclusive rights to both the tradename and the 800 number. At this time we are not aware of any use of a confusingly similar tradename anywhere in the United States. Of course, there is significant competition for the water damage restoration business, and companies are engaged in this business throughout the United States and Canada.

Our principal place of business is 2156 West Hillside Drive, Central Point, OR 97501. We are a new company organized in Nevada on or about July 1, 2001. Our agent for service of process is the California Corporations Commissioner, 320 West 4th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013-2344. We have not offered franchises in any other line of business.

Franchising Company 1800-Flooded, Inc.
Industry Categories Home Restoration
Initial Investment Required $63,380
Initial Franchise Fee: $59,995
Is financing available? N/A
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