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Yacht Management of South Florida

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The Yacht Management of South Florida team is a group of professional representatives who strive for excellence in customer service and yacht repair and maintenance. The headquarters of Yacht Management New River Service Center is on Marina Mile in Fort Lauderdale. There, our Yacht team is equipped with state of the art servicing equipment and tools designed for effective and efficient yacht remodeling, repair, painting, and a litany of other services as well, making our Yacht team a one stop shop for all of your boating needs. Our Fort Lauderdale boat yard is also staffed with certified and experienced professional maintenance men and mechanical staff, all found at our well maintained marina. Our service center is equipped with an 80 ton Marine Travelift, and provides a wide range of boating services from repair and maintenance, to overhauls, tune ups, and complete restorations or renovations.

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    • Yacht Management of South Florida: Recognition for Dedication



    • At the Yacht Management of South Florida club, their team of dedicated, well trained, and experienced professional team of mechanics, painters, decorators, and accountants provide a full range Yacht management and maintenance service that makes boat ownership easier than ever before. Our Yacht experts draw knowledge from a well of experienced staff members trained to go above and beyond the call of duty to provide exceptional and high quality services. Because of our dedication and standards of service, many of our customers have stayed with us for over 5 years, and count us among one of the most reliable, affordable, and effective Yacht management teams around. Our captains, mechanics and divers are certified in their areas of expertise, and our experienced crew, maintenance and support staff are among the best licensed professionals in the area. You will always be served by professional, caring and knowledgeable team members. Even better, all of our professionals are available to you 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

Our Clients


    • The Yacht Management of South Florida is an insured and licensed establishment dedicated to proper sea-faring etiquette and above all, safety and security on the water. Assuring the safety of passengers aboard a ship is above all the Yacht teams number one goal. With our highly trained, licensed and experienced crew, we can help assess damage and wear in your yacht both ascetically and mechanically. Many yacht owners do not realize that even if their particular model does not look worn or overused, that internal problems such as slow leaks, warping boat bottoms, or other internal engine issues could be lurking in the shadows, waiting to spoil your next day out on the water. That is why it is the Yacht team’s duty and pleasure to make sure that your boat is in pristine condition.


    • Furthermore, if your Yacht is already performing well, but has suffered through a few bottom scrapes and dings, wearing at the paint, our Yacht team has an experienced crew familiar with the task of bottom boat painting. Our facility is equipped with all of the necessary tools to make jobs like bottom boat painting both fast and efficient. Hear at Yacht Management, we ensure high quality and superior service as well as to protect the assets of our clients. We strive to provide unmatched service, quality products, and superior workmanship at competitive prices.

Areas of Expertise

    • Membership to our Yacht Management of South Florida club provides scheduled maintenance and diligent oversight of all mechanical and electrical systems, services, and other emergency precautions that ensure your warranty remains intact, and your boat is pristine, safe, stocked and ready to take out on the water at all times. We provide both mechanical tune-ups or repairs internally, as well as a wide range of other services such as bottom boat painting, electrical services, and remodeling both inside and out.


    • At the Yacht Management of South Florida club, we know that maintaining your water craft is more than just maintenance on the boat itself. Owning a Yacht comes with a certain responsibility, fiscally and socially. At the Yacht Management club, we don’t only provide mechanical and electrical maintenance of your watercraft, but also aid in marina management, administrative management, as well as financial and logistic assistance. We have a full service accounting staff stocked with well trained and experienced professionals who will sit down and help you iron out a budget most suited to your specific needs. We have dedicated account for your vessel through which all the yacht’s running expenses are distributed including invoices, cash to captain, charter APA accounts, etc. We also use a multi-currency double entry audit accounts package. This enables your accountant to use our reports for audit purposes and us to help assure your yacht runs at the target budget.



    • Yacht Management of South Florida: The Heart of the Businesses



    • At the Yacht Management of South Florida club, we understand that the true heart and soul of and business lies within it’s employees. That is why at our club, we dedicate all the time and money necessary to our employees to assure that they are well experienced, certified, and above all, committed to a sense of duty, and professional excellence. Our Yacht team is comprised of a wide range of mechanics, divers, captains, painters, accountants and detailing teams all deemed experts in their respective fields.


    • Our team of professionals are taught that duty and customer service come first, and take pride in their work, and commitment to their craft. This helps assure that all clients of the Yacht Management club receive the care and service they both expect, and deserve. Our team of licensed and certified members are available to our clients twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, and are happy to provide mechanical or electrical assistance, or any other aid in case of an emergency. We also have a consultation staff that can aid you any time involving financial matters with your Yacht.

Additional Details

    • Yacht Management of South Florida: Customer Service



    • Our mission at the Yacht Management of South Florida club is to assure that every one of our clients receive the attention and quality of service they deserve. That is why all of our licensed professionals at the Yacht club are all trained to take pride in excellent service. This standard for service has allowed the Yacht Management club to become one of the most friendly and effective around. As a result of our attention to customer service, many of our clients have been with us for over five years, something that only comes with trust and belief in our service and company.
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  1. Chris and Harold were great to work with. we did have a few challenges along the way, but in the end they came through for me and took care of a few last minute issues..

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