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White Bay Group

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  • Australia is a country that is filled with natural wonders. White Bay Group is a successful Australian architecture firm that works hard to create designs that reflect their stunning country. This firm is located in White Bay, Australia, a small bay town near Sydney. This company is brimming with talented designers and architects, who are dedicated to creating beautiful buildings that are functional and represent the environment. They are also devoted to protecting the environment. White Bay Group is one of the leading sustainable architecture firms. They work hard to develop designs that use renewable resources and will protect the environment for years to come.
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    • White Bay Group is an Australian architecture firm that has grown steadily over the years. In 2014 and in 2015, the made the World’s top 100 list for architecture firms and have worked hard to develop their reputation. They are one of the top sustainable architecture firms in Australia and are known for the high quality of their designs and their craftsmanship.
    • This group is involved with the Australian Institute of Architects and have been nominated for an NSA Architecture Award two years in a row. In 2013, they received a commendation from this organization and were recognized for their dedication towards creating designs that are beautiful as well as sustainable. This architecture firm is staffed with talented professionals who all work together to create phenomenal buildings for their clients. White Bay Group hopes to work towards improving White Bay, Australia by developing designs for sustainable and environmentally friendly commercial buildings and residences.

Our Clients


    • White Bay Group is an architecture firm located in White Bay, Australia. They offer services for commercial buildings as well as residential and work with both companies and individuals. They provide a wide array of services for their clients and work hard to fulfill all of their client’s needs.
    • This architecture firm will work with individuals or companies who wish to build from the ground up. They provide architectural design services and recommendations for building firms and contractors. This group also offers their clients sustainable building practices, and building designs that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. This group designs office buildings, retail buildings, and single family homes in the White Bay area. Their goal is to help develop the area with sustainable buildings.
    • White Bay Group also assists clients who are remodeling a building. They provide their architectural expertise throughout the remodel, and help their clients integrate sustainable features into buildings throughout the area. This firm also employs talented interior and exterior designers. These professionals help clients redesign a newly built, or a newly renovated space. They offer their advice in terms of color pallets and design choices. They are also able to recommend environmentally friendly products for the interior as well as the exterior. White Bay Group is dedicated to helping their clients create beautiful and sustainable spaces.

Areas of Expertise

    • White Bay Group is a leading architecture firm located in White Bay, Australia. They specialize in creating buildings that are sustainable and they use green building practices. These architects find ways to utilize natural lighting and heating sources in order to cut down on energy consumption. They also focus on using recycled materials, and creating buildings that have a small environmental impact. They design commercial buildings as well as residential buildings, and enjoy finding new clients. They have teams of architects and interior designers, who create stunning structures that are environmentally friendly, and capture the beauty of Australia.
    • This firm offers a wide array of services. They employ architects, landscape architects, structural engineers, and designers. They also work closely with local builders and contractors. When a new client comes to this group, they are able to have a structure built from the ground up, and they are offered the option of having the interior spaces designed and furnished. White Bay Group wants to help their clients create stunning buildings that will serve all of their needs. This group is devoted to their clients as well as the environment. They fulfill all of their client’s desires while working hard to leave the smallest possible environmental footprint.


    • White Bay Group is an architecture firm that is comprised of architects, landscape architects, engineers, and interior designers. This group is focused of providing for all of their clients’ needs and creating buildings that are sustainable and beautiful. They have teams of professionals who are able to take on any project and meet all of their clients’ wishes.
    • The architects that are employed by this group are responsible for developing a building design. The architects that work with this firm always incorporate the natural beauty of White Bay, Australia into their building designs. These architects then work with structural engineers to ensure that the building design is possible.
    • Once a design is complete, the client has the option of consulting one of the firm’s interior designers in order to choose interior finishes. The client then has the option of consulting with a landscape architect in order to design a beautiful outdoor space. Each of these professionals keeps sustainability in mind while they are fulfilling their client’s wishes.

Additional Details

    • White Bay Group is a well-established architecture firm in White Bay, Australia.  They offer their clients a wide array of services and are able to help build from the ground up. They are the ideal company for clients who are hoping to create buildings that are environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and beautiful. They provide their clients full consultations with their architects as well as their interior designers. This group’s goal is to provide their clients with services at every step of the building process. This architecture firm only hires the most talented and experienced people, who are always able to incorporate sustainability into their designs.
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