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Think Loud Development CEO Bill Hynes

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The mission of Think Loud Development CEO Bill Hynes is, and has always been, to spark new life, and new hope, into blighted urban areas; to view a development project not from the perspective of profit, but from one of possibility and potential. The head of a leading socially responsible commercial redevelopment firm, Bill Hynes looks to transform property into something positive, something that inspires civic pride and that brings a renewed sense of community to a blighted downtown area.

As the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Think Loud Development, Hynes finds considerable reward in the opportunity to give a community, a neighborhood and a population the second chance it needs to succeed well into the future.

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    • Think Loud Development CEO Bill Hynes, along with Think Loud Board Chairman Chad Taylor, strive to do good by every city, every community, they touch. Their intent focus on socially responsible urban development has not only established them as a market leader, but also as development professionals who genuinely care about their role in making quality of life and local economies better.
    • The Pennsylvania communities of York, Reading and Allentown have benefitted from the inspired development Think Loud Development CEO Bill Hynes brings to every urban development project. The care and vision at the heart of Think Loud has led to inspired development projects that have helped to further a sense of possibility, of hope and of unity for communities throughout Pennsylvania, bringing something transformative and powerful that has been essential to each neighborhood’s revitalization efforts.
    • Bill Hynes and Chad Taylor look forward to making a positive and enduring impact on communities for many years to come, and of being a force for positive social chance when and wherever they can.

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    • Commercial development is often one of the most powerful ways to transform a community. Socially responsible development, such as practiced by Think Loud Development CEO Bill Hynes, transforms communities into something better; something inspirational, positive and with the potential to reinvigorate and revitalize community pride and spirit.
    • For the past four years, Think Loud Development CEO Bill Hynes has done just that, utilizing his team’s extensive development skill, vision and inspiration to breathe new life into blighted downtown areas throughout Pennsylvania. Through successful development projects in the downtown areas of York, Reading, Allentown and Lancaster, Think Loud has brought new hope into numerous disadvantaged urban areas, showing both communities and their residents what is possible when a building’s potential is the main focus.
    • Second chances and new life are what the Think Loud Development team is all about. They restore hope and possibility to what were once desolate places, creating something truly inspired, and that will endure for generations to come. Under the expert leadership of company founder Bill Hynes, Think Loud does far more than engage in commercial development projects, they inspire change, change that truly impacts community health, strength and unity. Defining success, for the Think Loud crew, is determined by the good they’ve done for communities throughout the Commonwealth.

Areas of Expertise

    • For Think Loud Development CEO Bill Hynes, urban property development is about far more than making a dollar, it’s about enabling real social change for a local community. A proven leader in urban revitalization, Hynes and his team utilize their extensive commercial development expertise to do right by the cities and neighborhoods they impact, and to imagine properties for what they can do, not for what they are or have been.
    • In business since 2011, Think Loud Development views every project as the possibility to bring something new, exciting and reinvigorating to a local community. Social responsibility is something that both Think Loud Development CEO Bill Hynes takes very seriously, and is the fuel that motivates every undertaking they are involved in. A force for positive change in such Pennsylvania communities as York, Reading and Allentown, Pennsylvania, Think Loud continues to set its sights on providing even more local communities something special, something that will enhance community spirit and change local communities for the better for many years to come.
    • Bill Hynes oversees both projects and professionals whose primary goal it is to make a positive difference for neighborhoods, cities and people throughout the Commonwealth. Their influence, and success, has been something of note since the company’s beginnings.


    • Truly visionary commercial development comes from those that see the property’s potential, not its past. The same holds true for Think Loud Development CEO Bill Hynes, who, since 2011, has followed a unique, inspired and powerful approach to development in order to bring something new, positive and dramatically transformative to urban communities throughout Pennsylvania.
    • Think Loud, a quickly growing commercial development firm, follows its founder’s lead when it comes to doing something special for underserved urban areas. Every project they take on is designed to enhance and inspire; to provide the people that will one day use that property a sense of community and pride. This visionary development approach, based on adherence to social responsibility, has set both Think Loud Development CEO Bill Hynes and his team leaps and bounds ahead of the commercial development industry, and continues to enable the team to grow, expand and do real good for communities throughout the state.

Additional Details

    • Responsible development is always aimed towards providing real value and benefit to the community. This has been the goal of Think Loud Development CEO Bill Hynes from the very beginning, as well as the fuel that inspires the Think Loud team to create and build projects that revitalize, inspire and enhance community quality of life.
    • More than 450,000 square feet of construction projects are now in the hands of Think Loud Development experts, as well as over $50 million in investments throughout Pennsylvania.
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