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Swift Funds

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Swift Funds is an experienced financial services leader, dedicated to the companies within the fitness industry. Benefiting health clubs through providing the tools necessary, Swift Funds aids in the retaining of current members, the transition from prospect to member in order to grow the overall membership and the promotion of events associated with the health club. The core service Swift Funds supplies is the handling of accounts receivable. From there, Swift Funds branches out into offering other services for health clubs such as marketing tools, and a health club management software, which manages nearly anything a gym throws at them.

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    • Swift Funds’ years of experience in the field of financial services for health clubs across America has lead the company to become one of the forefront leaders in their niche market. Putting their best foot forward in each company that comes their way, Swift Funds continues to give excellent and precise service. No matter how big or small, far or close, chain or small business shop, Swift Funds provide a great service to health clubs everywhere.
    • Health clubs, fitness centers, and gyms have raved about the lauded company and the extra services they provide. With extra amenities such as a health care management software program that is fully customizable to fit the health club’s brand like a glove and marketing tools to promote any all marketing campaigns, a health club would have. The service Swift Funds gives is unprecedented as shown through their years of experience, focus on the needs of their customer and extra services provided by the company.

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    • Swift Funds has grown to become an industry leader through their years of proven experience in providing services to health clubs and fitness centers. With services that are needed daily for the management of gyms, Swift Funds offers. Swift Funds formidable service is the handling of accounts receivable, collecting any and all delinquent payments from members current or previous.
    • Swift Funds services do go beyond that of a regular financial services provider. Their services include a health club management software for the every day managing needs of a fitness center. Any health club, which makes use of the health club management software, can customize and monitor any piece of the software. Creating a fully customizable software allows the health club to have a program that uniquely fits the brand of the gym.
    • Swift Funds is completely behind the amplification of membership counts and retaining percentages of health clubs that are in partnership with the company. Marketing tools are readily available for the needs of the health club. Any marketing campaign that a health club may choose can look to Swift Funds for their needs. Swift Funds has everything from postcards to banners, windows clings and even letters, which can be customized to the campaign of the health club.

Areas of Expertise

    •    The experience and commitment of Swift Funds is what has led the financial service company to be a leader in their industry. Dedicating their work solely to the companies of the health and fitness industry, Swift Funds has made a name for themselves that cannot be erased. The amount of professionalism that Swift Funds brings to the table is unparalleled.
    •    Swift Funds is primed to handle the accounts receivable for health clubs and fitness centers alike. With years of experience behind them, Swift Funds is confident in their ability and success rate to acquire any delinquent funds for the health club that is employing them. Often, human error comes into effect and mistakes are made, which can then lead to gym memberships going unpaid. Swift Funds knows that with the health and fitness industry being so vast, the relationship between a member and their health club can often be fragile is tampered. Thus, Swift Funds handles each situation with care, making sure no relationship between fitness center and member breaks.
    •    Swift Funds provides other services for health clubs in partnership with them. Services such as customizable marketing tools and a health club management software to manage all the points of a fitness center.


    • The Swift Funds business team is one of the best in the business. The experience and dedication they commit to every health club that employs their services can testify why the Swift Funds team is one of the finest there are in the trade. With a strong enthusiasm to how they serve the health and fitness industry, Swift Funds treats each health club as if it was their own business, wanting only to give the best experience for their customers, allowing health clubs to focus on their members achieve their personal fitness goals. Having mastered their main service of handling accounts receivable, the Swift Funds also goes beyond the normal financial realm and promoted the health clubs by offering marketing tools and a health club management software to their partners. Health clubs that choose to employ the services of Swift Funds are provided with a solid service that is interested in the rise of both companies together.

Additional Details

    • Customer service is important in every industry. In the fitness industry where the choices for a health club as almost as numerous as there are stars, Swift Funds wants to make sure the members of every health club that comes in partnership with them keeps their members. Through years of experience, Swift Funds understand the importance of retaining membership levels for a health club. With that in mind, Swift Funds is sure to keep the relationship between member and health club in tact, giving no reason for the relationship to falter, thus keeping the reoccurring member happy and health with their health club of choice.
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