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Student Aid Center

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Student Aid Center helps their clients apply to federally backed programs designed to relieve symptoms of excessive student debt. The student loan forgiveness experts at SAC systematically check their clients for eligibility in the main government programs now available through the Department of Education. Many people with student loans can enroll in repayment programs designed to limit monthly payments and lower interest payments. Another new service offered to those burdened by student debt is consolidation. This service puts all separate student loans into one loan that can be paid with one low monthly payment. Some college graduates who work in the public sector may even be eligible for debt forgiveness.

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    •    Student Aid Center is a quickly growing company that is proud to report that it has processed over a quarter of a billion dollars worth of student loans for almost ten thousand individuals all over the country. Testimonials keep coming through from all kinds of people who struggled with their student loans before they came to SAC for representation. One customer, named Monica, said that she called SAC after the Department of Education sent her a letter saying her social security check would be garnished due to outstanding student loans debt. After the first call to SAC, Monica began her process to enter the Loan Forgiveness Plan and soon after the garnishmentstopped. Monica was blown away by the speed and efficiency of the service she received from Student Aid Center and said that their work “probably saved my sanity.”
    •    Monica is one of the many satisfied customers of Student Aid Center, which is fully certified and credentialed to process loan forgiveness applications for government programs.

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    •    Student Aid Center offers an integral service to those dealing with a large student loan—advocacy. The government has offered student loan forgiveness programs to those struggling to pay off their student loans. SAC takes their clients’ information and situation and searches for an appropriate loan relief plan that will do the best for the client, and then submits an application to the Department of Education on their client’s behalf. Many people with copious amounts of student loan debt don’t know about these programs. It is in the best interest of collection agencies and other entities to not inform debtors of their full rights unless the debtor asks.
    •    Student Aid Center can recommend better ways of managing student loans and give their clients peace of mind knowing that all is being done to help mitigate their student loan payments. With tuition costs spiking across the country, the necessity of student loans makes them almost ubiquitous in the lives of recent college graduates. This debt can affect their income and their credit line for future large purchases such as houses or cars. SAC encourages people to contact them in order to avoid paying outrageous interest rates and high monthly payments. SAC believes that people should know their options when paying back student loans.

Areas of Expertise

    • Student Aid Center provides access to many new government programs tailored to curb the emerging student debt crisis. Recently, the total dollar amount of all outstanding student debt rose above $1.2 trillion. In hopes of relieving some of the economic burdens of this debt for many individuals across the country, the United States Congress and the Obama Administration have created through the Department of Education a few programs designed to help individuals pay their student loans.
    •    One new service that the federal government offers is repayment programs. These programs restructure the borrower’s loan in a way that gives the borrower more flexibility when paying back the balance of the loan, and usually includes a lower monthly payment. For a recent college graduate, a lower monthly payment on a loan can be a blessing. Another way monthly payments can be lowered is with consolidation offered through the government.
    •    Student Aid Center finds the government program that best suits each client’s needs and submits an application to the program on the client’s behalf. SAC prepares the required documents and submits them to make sure that it is accepted by the program. This makes the entire process of applying for these programs much easier on the client and puts them on the way to receiving the loan relief they are entitled to by law.


    •    All of the employees of Student Aid Center are experts in applying for government student loan forgiveness programs. Their expert preparers are so confident in their abilities to get their clients to helpful government programs that they guarantee their services 100%. SAC employees are trained in getting their clients into these government programs and know who exactly of their clients are eligible. They can work with their clients and the government to sign up as many people for these programs as possible. In many cases, the loan repayment plans offered by the Department of Education can save individuals thousands of dollars. Other programs include debt consolidation and debt forgiveness.
    •    The employees of Student Aid Center can all negotiate on behalf of their clients to get them the best possible plan for repaying and managing their student debts. Student loans remain a large problem for many people with four-year and graduate degrees, but with restructuring services backed by the federal government, it doesn’t have to be.

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    • Student Aid Center enrolls clients in useful programs designed to restructure student loan debt in order lower monthly payments and interest. Individuals with high balances on their student loans can now have all of their payments consolidated into one lower monthly payment. Some people can have their debt totally or partially forgiven if they have chosen to work in a specific field. No matter what their clients’ situations are, SAC finds the best way to help them lower their monthly payments and responsibly manage their student loan. Many college graduates struggle with their loan payments, especially right after they graduate. Student Aid Center works on their behalf with federally backed programs in the Department of Education to create a better payment option for their student loans.
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