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Ryan Webb of Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Ryan Webb of Fort Wayne, Indiana is a veteran real estate investor who says that investing in real estate is a great way to find financial freedom. But he says that achieving success in real estate investing is not easy, and investors like himself have to make sacrifices along the way to reaching their goals.

Ryan Webb of Fort Wayne, Indiana says that when you’re first starting out you may need to forgo things like vacations, and instead use the money you might have spent traveling on a down payment for a new investment. He says investors have been known to develop a do-it-yourself approach to life, like painting their own houses, in order to cut costs and keep investing in new properties. But the rewards, he says, can make all the sacrificing worth it.

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    • Ryan Webb of Fort Wayne, Indiana is a successful real estate investor. He says that there are a lot of opportunities for investors to buy real estate and make big gains in doing so. But there is nothing simple about it, and it involves a lot more risk than does investments like stocks and bonds.
    • There are many types of real estate investments out there, says Ryan Webb of Fort Wayne, Indiana. He has always focuses on commercial and multifamily properties, the latter of which means apartment units. The profits derived from multifamily units is always better than from a single family unit, like a house. The reason is simple enough: there are more people paying you the rent every month.
    • Another advantage to a multifamily property is that the more units there are under a single roof, the less risk he has. If there is a single family unit and the family moves out, then one hundred percent of the income from that unit is gone until there is a new tenant.

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    • Ryan Webb of Fort Wayne, Indiana says that it is important to always have a written plan when mapping out an investment strategy. He says a written plan is a lot like having a road map if you are driving in a city you’ve never been in before: if you don’t have it, you are bound to get lost.
    • Having that written investment strategy can help investors reach their goal of financial freedom. In his own case he has not followed that written plan detail-for-detail. It’s a little like the road map analogy, when sometimes you might take a detour. Sometimes the detours can make all the difference. But if they don’t, then the road map is there to help you get back on track.
    • A written strategy can help you stay focused. Ryan Webb of Fort Wayne, Indiana says that it’s okay to start small and build from there. A first investment, he says, might be your personal home, or maybe a fifty-fifty partnership on flipping a house. We all have to start somewhere.
    • The important thing, says Ryan Webb of Fort Wayne, Indiana, is to stick to the written plan. Treat your business like a business and never let emotions play a role in the decisions that you make.

Areas of Expertise

    • Ryan Webb of Fort Wayne, Indiana has been investing in real estate for many years, and he is good at it. He has developed a knack for locating and acquiring profitable real estate, and that ability has been very good to him.
    • He says that it is important for any real estate investor to have a grasp of basic math. That’s all you really need in doing business, he says. By way of illustration, he says that income minus expenses equals your cashflow. Or the wood needed to make a minor improvement is going to cost two hundred dollars, but a carpenter is going to cost five hundred. That, he says, is the kind of math that any real estate investor needs to be good at. And he says that it is the level of math most of us have mastered by the time we are in the fifth grade.
    • Ryan Webb of Fort Wayne, Indiana says that after you understand the basic math involved in conducting real estate investments, trust it and stick with it. Never let your emotions get involved in making a decision on whether or not to invest in a property. At the end of the days, he says that real estate is all about the numbers, and it is important to never lose sight of that face.


    • Ryan Webb of Fort Wayne, Indiana says that one of the great things about real estate investment is that there is a tax-free cash flow. Due to depreciation of an investment and deductions of mortgage interest, provided you are leveraging your capital, the cash flow for real estate investors is virtually tax free.
    • Ryan Webb of Fort Wayne, Indiana says that a good definition of cash flow is the total increase of cash over the period of a single quarter, or one year. There are three parts to this definition: cash flow that is used in or comes from operations; cash flow that comes from or is used in financing, and cash flow that is used in or comes capital spending.
    • Ryan Webb of Fort Wayne, Indiana says that in most cases, investors never have to pay taxes on cash flow and are able to wait for capital gains from selling their property sometime in the future.

Additional Details

    • Ryan Webb of Fort Wayne, Indiana has been investing in real estate for many years. He says that there are many different kinds of real estate investments. There is a great deal of potential in real estate and Ryan Webb of Fort Wayne, Indiana is well on the way toward building his real estate portfolio and achieving the financial freedom he seeks. As he knows, there are never any guarantees that a real estate investment is going to pay off, and it is important for any investor to thoroughly research an opportunity before investing. He advises new investors to make informed choices and know what they are getting into before investing any money in an opportunity.
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