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Rockwell Trading was founded in 2005 by Markus Heitkoetter. Heitkoetter moved from Munich, Germany, to Austin, Texas after he quit his job at IBM. He had been a part-time day trader for years before departing for Austin to be a full-time trader. As he settled into his new life, he began getting questions about how to be a successful day trader. After many hundreds of hours of research, Heitkoetter came up with a set of simple strategies he felt he could explain in the simplest way possible. He turned these strategies into the start of a new company, which he called Rockwell Trading. Today, Rockwell dispenses some of the most effective, simplest trading strategies to beginning and veteran traders.

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    • Rockwell Trading is widely known in the trading community as the training ground for some of the most talented new traders entering the scene today. In the business community, the company is known for its upstanding reputation. The Better Business Bureau gave Rockwell an ‘A+’ rating, earned for excellent customer service and an honest company atmosphere that breeds excellent business practices. On the customer review website, Rockwell Trading received a five-star rating overall from over 2,000 customers. Rockwell is also an verified merchant. The company has been holding these distinctions for many years now, and more customers are showing their support for the company as they go through the Rockwell training courses and see the returns on their investment growing.
      Rockwell Trading has maintained an excellent reputation in the business community for helping people become successful day traders. Their training materials and programs are known as the best in the business and more than adequately prepare would-be traders for a successful career.

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    • Rockwell Trading offers a wide range of products and services to its customers. The Rockwell Trading Club is an online portal to everything a new or veteran day trader needs to be successful. This online platform offers training videos and other materials designed to instill the best basic trading strategies into beginners or veterans who need to improve their skills. The platform also features a section explaining the newest trading strategies that other traders are using with great success throughout the field. Customers can also ask for trading tips and use a comprehensive set of tools designed to make their trading lives easier.
      Rockwell Trading features the most comprehensive set of resources for its customers who want to take their day trading skills to the next level. Whether they are traders who have been in the business for years or brand new traders who want to learn the ropes, Rockwell has the materials for anyone interested in exploring what day trading can earn them in extra revenue. Once Rockwell’s customers learn the company’s patented trading techniques, they will be able to take them to the real world of the trading markets immediately. Their customers can build a trading foundation with these strategies that can prove beneficial throughout their trading careers.

Areas of Expertise

    • Rockwell Trading was founded to help people break into the sometimes cloistered world of day trading. This world is members only. People who know the language and know how to be successful are the only ones allowed entry. Markus Heitkoetter founded Rockwell Trading to bring people into this world armed with the knowledge that it takes to be successful. Heitkoetter has many years of experience as a day trader both in his native Germany and at his home on the shores of Lake Travis in Austin, Texas. By providing people with the keys to enter the world of day trading, Heitkoetter believes that he can help people enrich their lives.
    • Rockwell Trading specializes in providing the simplest strategies that work the best in every market trading everything from commodities to forex. All of the materials on the Rockwell Trading Club training platform are designed to be implemented quickly and easily, instantly making money for customers of the Rockwell Trading Club. These materials were designed for a wide audience, so that everyone who has the desire and the focus to be a day trader can learn the basic tools for success, learn the language of the club, and make a career out of it if they so choose.


    • Rockwell Trading has been one of the most successful trading training companies in the world because of its excellent staff. Markus Heitkoetter founded Rockwell in 2005, and once he had his website fully up and running, he knew he needed some of the best minds in day trading to help him run the business. One of the best traders he chose was Mark Hodge, who discovered his passion for day trading after long stints with Morgan Stanley Dean Witter and American Express Financial Advisors. Hodge’s expertise is mostly in short-term stocks, options, and futures trades. Hodge works as Rockwell’s Head Coach, and had a heavy influence on the development of Rockwell’s training materials.
      Tobias Heitkoetter is another key member of the Rockwell Trading team. Tobias is Markus’ younger brother. A nine-year professional trader, mostly in the bond market, he now mostly deals in the German Dax. His job at Rockwell is to provide ongoing support to traders and to advance the worldwide Rockwell community.

Additional Details

    • Rockwell Trading doesn’t stop with only some of the best trading tools and strategies for its members, the company also provides excellent customer service. Representatives can guide customers through the technical process of signing up for services, renewing memberships. The customer service department at Rockwell can also help customers find the information they are looking for and answer general questions.
      Rockwell Trading is all about providing information and fully formulated strategies that assist people in becoming the best day traders they can be. All of their services are centered on making day trading easy and rewarding for all of its customers. Whenever there is confusion, their representatives can step in and help their customers make sense of the information available to them through Rockwell.
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