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Niman Ranch is a network of more than seven hundred family farms and ranches around the United States, and is committed to producing the world’s finest-tasting meat products in humane and sustainable methods. The ranch began more than forty years ago as an eleven-acre farm in California, and today has become the standard-bearer for the humane and sustainable meat producing industry. They are committed to raising their livestock traditionally, and to raising them without hormones or antibiotics. That commitment to excellence is shown in their products, which include pork, beef, lamb, and cage-free eggs. Niman Ranch is a dedicated supporter of American family farms and ranches, and their local communities.

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    • The Niman Ranch commitment to excellence is paying off bigtime for the producer of all natural meats and meat products. Chefs in restaurants all across the country are discovering what a difference the Niman Ranch products make in their establishments and on their menus.
    • One of the best examples is the Chipotle Mexican Grill, a chain of restaurants popular for its burritos, tacos, and other Mexican staples. Chipotle is committed to using only antibiotic-free meats, a commitment that came after its founder heard about, and then sampled, some of the pork produced by Niman Ranch’s Paul Willis. Paul Willis grew up a family farmer in Iowa and has dedicated his life to traditional and sustainable hog raising.
    • Chipotle quickly switched to the Niman Ranch pork products, and sales of its carnitas burrito rapidly escalated. “We started selling twice as many carnitas as we had been before,” a company spokesman said.

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    • Niman Ranch is a network of more than seven hundred family-owned and operated farms and ranches spread across the United States. All of its livestock is raised traditionally and with humane and sustainable methods, which results in the finest-tasting meat in the world.
    • All of the Niman Ranch cattle are true Angus cows, born and raised on American owned and operated ranches in Idaho, Utah, the Pacific Northwest, and the Midwest. Like all of the Niman livestock they are raised on ample pastureland with plenty of room to graze. They are given a one hundred percent vegetarian diet, which coupled with their low stress environment and superior genetics produces the great-tasting beef that Niman Ranch is known for.
    • Like the cattle, Niman Ranch hogs are also raised on a one hundred percent vegetarian diet and without any added hormones or antibiotics. All of their hogs are raised either outdoors, or in deeply bedded pens, which allows them to engage in instinctive behaviors like rooting and roaming. The resulting meat is moist, tender and juicy.
    • Niman Ranch lamb are raised in different regions around the country, and fed the high quality grain and roughage they thrive on. The young age of the lamb and their one hundred percent vegetarian diet combine to produce a lamb with a mellow flavor that cannot be beat.
    • In addition to all of its fresh meats, Niman Ranch produces a full line of smoked, cured and specialty products. These include its award-winning Fearless Franks, dinner sausages, breakfast sausages, bacon, and barbecue pulled pork and hams, and much more. And like the rest of the Niman Ranch meat products, they come from animals that are humanely and sustainably raised.

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    • Niman Ranch is a premium meat brand that sells pork, beef, lamb, and cage-free eggs. All of its livestock is raised in humane and sustainable ways, with raising protocols developed with the help of animal welfare expert Dr. Temple Grandin. These protocols are the strictest in the industry, and each of its more than seven hundred farms and ranches in its member network are committed to them.
    • Niman Ranch supports more than seven hundred sustainable family farms around the United States, and its committed to its continuing support. “We work with a community of independent family farmers and ranchers to raise livestock to our strict protocols,” the company says. Those protocols include never giving its livestock any added hormones or antibiotics. Conventional meat producers have been using antibiotics and added hormones for years, and there is a growing concern that these added substances can pose serious health risks for humans.
    • By raising its livestock in traditional and humane ways, Niman Ranch and its family of American farmers and ranchers are able to make much healthier products that also happen to be the finest tasting meats in the world. They offer consumers a complete line of beef, pork, lamb, poultry, and cage-free eggs, as well as a variety of smoked and cured meats, including the ever-popular Fearless Frank hot dogs.


    • Niman Ranch is a network of more than seven hundred family owned farms and ranches spread out around the United States, all of whom raise livestock that are humanely raised, and fed one hundred percent vegetarian diets. They are never given antibiotics or any added hormones.
    • The Niman Ranch philosophy is best embodied by Paul Willis, who helps to manage the network of more than seven hundred independently owned small farms and ranches that make up the Niman Ranch family. Before coming to Niman Ranch, Paul Willis lived simply in Iowa, where he raised hogs in the time-honored tradition of his father and grandfather before him. The hogs he raised were never confined and always allowed to express natural hog behavior. In the words of Paul Willis, he let a pig be a pig.
    • It is the Paul Willis model of raising livestock outdoors, where they are allowed to engage in their natural behavior, that is credited with making such fine meat products. An outdoor habitat, and a commitment to raising them naturally with a vegetarian diet and no added hormones or antibiotics. And the results speak for themselves.

Additional Details

    • Niman Ranch began raising its natural livestock on an eleven acre ranch north of San Francisco more than forty years ago. Today the ranch is still growing strong, and has grown into a network of more than seven hundred family owned farms and ranches. Each of those farms and ranches is committed to the Niman Ranch philosophy of raising its livestock humanely and sustainably, and with a healthy diet that is one hundred percent vegetarian and free of any hormone or antibiotic additives. Niman Ranch offers a complete line of fresh beef, pork, lamb, and cage-free eggs, along with a variety of smoked and prepared items like Fearless Franks, breakfast and dinner sausage, and bacon. Its livestock is raised either outside or in deeply embedded pens, and the result is the finest tasting line of meats in the world.
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