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National Recovery Solutions

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National Recovery Solutions specializes in both debt recovery and debt buying, and has been a nationally licensed, insured and bonded debt recovery agency and debt buyer since 2006. As specialists in debt recovery solutions, account delinquencies and the acquisition and sales of debt portfolios, NRS has become a proven leader in the local industry, and continues to achieve real and positive results for business partners and clients throughout the region.

NRS employs an experienced and well-trained staff and managerial team. They are currently members of the DBA and the ACA, and are currently working on achieving their 2015 DBA Certification.

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    • National Recovery Solutions is a notable success in the field of debt recovery and debt buying, having earned the trust and loyalty of numerous business organizations and clients throughout its over nine years of existence. Supported by an extensive track record of achievement, high performance and proven results, NRS has firmly established its place at the top of the local debt recovery industry.
    • National Recovery Solutions has proudly served a countless number of clients since 2006, and to have earned the trust of numerous partners, organizations and firms throughout the company’s existence. NRS takes its reputation for collections excellence seriously, which is why they work hard to maintain an environment that is most conducive to the success of their clients, partners and consumers on a daily basis.
    • NRS looks forward to serving the needs of the client, and to striving towards bigger and better things for every customer at every available opportunity.

Our Clients


    • National Recovery Solutions works tirelessly in the best interests of the client, diligently striving towards a debt recovery solution that best meets their needs and helps their bottom line. A passionate leader in both debt recovery and debt sales and acquisitions, NRS strives to be the customer’s best ally in the debt recovery process, and to find a viable solution that best meets their unique organizational needs.
    • National Recovery Solutions offers friendly, responsive and effective customer service to every client, working towards an unparalleled experience that leads to tangible results and drastically reduced delinquencies. NRS works directly with the delinquent consumer to find a way to achieve a viable repayment option, and to successfully acquire the resolution the client needs to be successful.
    • NRS ensures that every employee and manager undergo compliance training on a regular basis, helping to ensure everything is done in an ethical, knowledgeable and effective manner with little to no complications. They also strive to make technology an integral part of the collections process, empowering employees with the tools they need to continually perform at optimal levels.
    • National Recovery Solutions is a difference maker for clients in need of solutions. They take their position as local industry leaders seriously, and strive for a satisfactory experience for each and every client during every opportunity.

Areas of Expertise

    • Debt recovery and debt buying are the two primary areas of expertise of National Recovery Solutions, a leader in the local collections and debt acquisitions industry since 2006. Based in Lockport, New York, NRS is known for continually high rates of performance, as well as for their ability to achieve positive, tangible results for clients in need of debt recovery solutions.
    • National Recovery Solutions, a member of the DBA, the ACA and, has recently acquired their SOC II, Type 2 Certification, and is in current pursuit of a DBA Certification. Debt recovery experts, the NRS management team proudly boasts a combined 80 years of experience in the banking sector, student loan sector and the asset management industry. They continue to work with numerous organizations in the collection of portfolios consisting of consumer loans, credit cards, student loans, past due bank accounts and more.
    • Though NRS exhibits considerable expertise in the field of debt recovery and acquisition, it is their constant commitment to integrity, professionalism and compliance that has set them apart from their competition. They work tirelessly to design plans that lead to swift and effective resolution for every customer they serve, which has helped make them a trusted industry leader for over nine years.


    • Well-trained and compliant employees, as National Recovery Solutions knows, are the key to an effective and efficient debt recovery team. NRS works around the clock to ensure that every employee has the training and technology they need to be as successful as possible, and to be of the best service to every client they work for.
    • National Recovery Solutions provides every customer the benefit of a well-trained and up-to-date staff, one that knows the industry and how to design and implement to most effective debt recovery possible. They know the value of team, particularly as it applies to any results-oriented firm. This is why they do their best to ensure every employee is supported by a foundation of knowledge, training and compliance at all times.
    • NRS has been a valued member of the debt recovery and debt buying industry since 2006, and continues to aim towards better results and experiences for every client they serve.

Additional Details

    • National Recovery Solutions is well-known for its success in the field of debt recovery, though few many not be privy as to their considerable involvement in, and ongoing contributions to, charitable organizations and events throughout the community. A passionate contributor to the likes of the Make A Wish Foundation, the Mikey’s Way Foundation and the John J. Fiore Golf Tournament, NRS continually demonstrates their commitment to a vibrant and healthy community for many years to come.
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