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Meir Panim

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Meir Panim focuses on providing solutions to Israeli families and individuals mired in poverty. With the help of hundreds of volunteers, the support of well-known community organizations and the generosity of donors, Meir Panim is able to provide invaluable and often indispensable relief to thousands, and to help struggling people break the poverty cycle while establishing a self-sufficient and active presence in Israeli society.

Meir Panim is grateful for the continued support of its volunteers, partners, donors and friends. Their hope is to someday stamp out poverty in Israel once and for all.

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    • Meir Panim has been of service and support to Israel’s impoverished population for more than a decade, consistently demonstrating their commitment to both building and delivering solutions to the less fortunate throughout the nation. As a well-known and sought-after source of help and support to Israel’s needy, they work tirelessly to ensure that disadvantaged children, families and the elderly receive the help they need not only to survive, but to also become more self-sufficient and productive members of Israeli society.
    • The people who volunteer for and support Meir Panim programs aim to provide assistance and services respectfully and with dignity, ensuring that everyone is cared for in a way that both recognizes and respects their humanity, their intelligence and who they are as individuals. Poverty is a condition that impacts one out of four Israelis, and is something that must be approached and solved with the utmost care and respect.

Our Clients


    • The primary objective of American Friends of Meir Panim (AFMP) is to support and further the programs and projects that provide invaluable services to the needy of Israel. Through their continued support of such food and social service projects as Meals on Wheels, Meals for Children, Employment Horizons, Power of Giving, After-School Youth Clubs, the Israel Nutrition Center and more, AFMP continues to make a positive impact where it’s needed the most, and to be of continued support to the disadvantaged population throughout the nation.
    • Meir Panim, a registered, nonprofit charitable organization, has been showing its constant support of Israel’s less fortunate for more than a decade, relying on the generosity of philanthropic organizations and helpful volunteers to provide food, living supplies, friendship and more to people in need. Their focus is on both the short and long-term needs of the disadvantaged; to not only provide much-needed and immediate relief to Israel’s poor, but to also provide long-term solutions that break the poverty cycle and lead to stronger self-subsistence both with dignity and respect.
    • Meir Panim looks forward to helping Israel’s disadvantaged in any way that they can, and continues to be one of the primary sources of help to impoverished populations throughout the country.

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    • One of four people in the nation of Israel lives in poverty, and Meir Panim is here to help. For more than a decade, the American Friends of Meir Panim organization has been working tirelessly to support, promote and ensure the success of numerous social services and food programs throughout Israel; an effort to deliver both short and long-term relief to the nation’s impoverished population in a manner that is respectful, dignified and works towards the development of self-sufficiency.
    • The charitable supporters and volunteers of Meir Panim understand how widespread and impactful the poverty epidemic is in the nation of Israel, and are committed to being a strong and reliable source of aid to anyone and everyone in need. Poverty is a considerable problem throughout the country, one that requires both short and long-term solutions that not only help people to survive, but also empower them with the tools and the care they need to thrive well into the future.
    • Meir Panim cares about the plight of the disadvantaged, and strives to meet their needs and demonstrate unwavering concern for their welfare and survival at all times. They focus on caring for less fortunate children and elderly throughout the country, breaking the cycle of poverty for all struggling families, and to improving quality of lives for all.


    • Meir Panim’s efforts to provide services and support to Israel’s needy wouldn’t be possible without a great team of helpful volunteers; people who selflessly give of their time and energy every week to make a meaningful and positive impact in the lives of the less fortunate throughout the country.
    • The Meir Panim team of volunteers is composed of hundreds of caring people of all ages that donate considerable periods of time each and every week towards making the organization’s programs and support work for Israel’s needy populations. Through their unrelenting demonstration of friendship, care and financial support, the Meir Panim team of volunteers and supporters show their commitment to the elimination of poverty throughout the country.
    • The network of Meir Panim locations throughout Israel offer many a golden opportunity to make a lasting difference in people’s lives, and to offer both short and long-term solutions to struggling families across the country.

Additional Details

    • Thousands of Israeli families are stricken with poverty, and are often forced to cope with such problems as hunger, a lack of shelter and the inability to adequately provide for themselves and their children. Meir Panim works to alleviate the suffering caused by the condition of poverty, and to be a constant source of warmth, resources and guidance through what can be a very difficult and tumultuous time for a struggling family.
    • By developing and implementing numerous food and social service programs, Meir Panim is able to lend a helping hand to those in need, and to help impoverished people find a way to break the cycle of poverty once and for all.
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