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The Longwell Company specializes in the investment and management of property, particularly multi-family rental real estate, or apartment complexes, where rents are moderately low, and that are generally graded as Class C or B minus properties. Currently managing a portfolio of 2200 plus units, the Longwell team is known for the employment of asset management and investment strategies that are proven to work.

Longwell is based out of Bellevue, Washington, and is considered by many to be one of the most successful multi-family property investment companies in the region. The company is currently under the leadership of Stanley Xu.

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    • Longwell Company has an asset management and investment strategy that works; success that is reflected in the longline of profitable investments they’ve acquired, managed and disposed of over the last 23 years. By providing every co-investor and tenant the most professional, efficient, accurate and effective property management services in the industry, they are able to create high-quality investments for their equity partners, and unparalleled living environments for their residents.
    • The Longwell Company knows potential when they see it, and works hard to bring out that potential in each asset they acquire and manage. They actively direct all aspects of the investment’s portfolio, from the leasing and property management to the construction and management services, which gives them the chance to best oversee and control the direction, quality and potential of the property itself.
    • Longwell has a distinct advantage over the competition, allowing them to provide the highest-quality service each and every time.

Our Clients


    • Disciplined, intelligent and forward-thinking investing is the specialty of the Longwell Company, who takes every opportunity seriously and with the most careful and comprehensive of examination. Longwell professionals understand the importance of conducting due diligence on every potential investment before making a commitment, and to negotiating for the right price to prevent any possibility of overpayment.
    • Longwell Company’s approach is based on that of its leader, CEO Stanley Xu, who continually seeks out opportunities he knows will be supported by constant housing demand. Xu and the Longwell team focus on so-called ‘workforce properties’ with modest rents, and that are near or surrounded by access to public transportation, sources of employment and retail shopping. Xu ensures each investment is safe, and has potential for a high rate of return, that which exceeds the valuation of the acquisition, management and upgrades involved in the process.
    • Longwell focuses specifically on this property segment because it best insulates the company portfolio, at least on some level, during times of economic downturn, that which can have a devastating effect on property investment. The Longwell Company has developed this approach, and targets this specific market, because each provide the best chance for a successful investment each and every time.

Areas of Expertise

    • The Longwell Company team possesses a level of investment and property management expertise that is largely unmatched in the real estate investment field, particularly in the specialty of multi-family rental property investment. In business for more than two decades, Longwell has continually capitalized on, and utilized, their significant investment and management expertise, knowledge and insight to male intelligent and rewarding long-term investments throughout the region.
    • Founded and based in the community of Bellevue, Washington, the Longwell Company team does whatever it takes to earn the trust and respect of co-investors, industry professionals and property tenants. Experts at identifying a property’s future potential, as well as what will be needed to reach that potential, the Longwell team makes sound and safe property investments throughout the region, acquiring, managing and disposing of apartment complexes that works for both the investor and tenants.
    • Longwell has developed a strategy that has long ensured the success of the investment, one based on making the improvements, providing the management and controlling the strategy needed to ensure increased value and superior quality of living. They are known for their ability to turn an investment into gold, and to bring out the fullest potential of every investment they manage.


    • The Longwell Company has been a great real estate investment team since 1992, and continues to be one of the best within the specialty of multi-family rental property investment. Led by Chief Executive Officer Dr. Stanley Xu, as well as Vice President Nanling Chen, the Longwell team works to make safe yet profitable investments on behalf of their co-investors, and to transform each investment into a great place to live.
    • Longwell Company is composed of both insightful and successful investment professionals, and a team of skilled, savvy and experienced property management professionals. Both segments of this company work in concert to create and develop the best investments possible; to pursue a high rate of return and valuation over a 3-5 year span while providing tenants a better overall living experience. They have consistently achieved hefty returns on investments for over 20 years, and promise to continue that tradition well into the future.

Additional Details

    • The Longwell Company is proud to have the leadership of CEO Dr. Stanley XU, who is the winner of the 2009 Excellence in Achievement of World Chines Youth Entrepreneurs Award. Longwell, which specializes in apartment complex investment and management, continues to follow Xu’s lead when it comes to making and managing the best property investments in the area.
    • The Excellence in Achievement award was provided to Dr. Xu by the World Federation of Chinese Entrepreneurs Organization, which recognizes the outstanding achievements, entrepreneurship and innovation of young Chinese entrepreneurs on an annual basis. Longwell was founded by Xu and his wife in the year 1992.
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