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Before he came to Kingdom Ridge Capital Nick Caputo worked for large investment bank Goldman Sachs. Mr. Caputo was hired full time by Goldman Sachs after completing a summer internship while he was a student at Boston College’s Carroll School of Management.While at Goldman Nick Caputo learned the basics of being an equity analyst – how to track and understand changes in companies, how to build models, how to communicate professionally, et cetera.Once Mr. Caputo had built his skill set he moved to the buy side where he could put his skills to work in making actual investment in stocks.Switching from recommending stocks to putting stocks into a portfolio where real money can be made or lost can be difficult for many, but Nick thrived after making the move.However, he did not like the culture of the company he went to so he left it to find a better fit.About this time, Nick Caputo was contacted by Kingdom Ridge which had a culture that was to his liking.Now Nick Caputo puts his equity analyst skills to work for Kingdom Ridge.

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    • Nick Caputo is an Equity Analyst at Kingdom Ridge Capital, an investment firm based in White Plains, New York.Every drive home at night requires a check of the traffic because you never know what to expect, New York. He makes his home in New Jersey, in part because it is cheaper there than in Manhattan. “Lower apartment rents, don’t have to pay nearly as much for parking, there is a great gym right in my building as opposed to paying a big monthly fee at Equinox, and don’t have to absorb the NYC tax in my paycheck,” he explains. “Our building complex also has a pool, which is nice in the summer.”
    • Another factor is the easy commute he has into the city. Nick Caputo has the option of taking the bus, ferry or PATH train. Sometimes he drives, and when he does he has come to rely on Google Maps. Every drive home after a day at Kingdom Ridge Capital requires a check of the traffic, he explains, “because you never know what to expect.”

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    • Investors in the technology sector like Kingdom Ridge Capital Nick Caputo are flooded with information.There are countless press releases, analyst reports, news reports, etc. that can overwhelm a technology analyst.The key is to wade through this ocean of information to separate the signal from the noise.Kingdom Ridge Capital wouldn’t be able to do what it is supposed to do for investors without having an analyst team that can sort through the fast moving flow of information to figure out what is important and then come up with meaningful insights that identify earnings expectation gaps.Nick Caputo is one of Kingdom Ridge’s best when it comes to sorting through the nearly constant chatter to come up with insightful viewpoints that yield actionable stock recommendations.Kingdom Ridge Capital was founded on the idea of creating a best-ideasportfolio that is concentrated in the best stock ideas we can find. Nick Caputo’s experience gives him the context to identify the fundamentals that matter which allows him to be an excellent stop picker.

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    • Kingdom Ridge Capital Nick Caputo senior analyst Nick Caputo has worked as a buy side analyst for thirteen years.Since leaving investment bank Goldman Sachs & Co., who hired him out of college, in 2003 he has created a strong resume of skills and accomplishments.One of his greatest skills is in quantifying opportunities as they arrive.This is important given the pace of change in technology and the number of meaningful announcements that can seemingly come from nowhere.He is a master of remembering the ASP (average selling price) of a part and quickly running the math in his head to figure out how positive news or negative news should impact a company’s financials.This one aspect of his fundamental understanding of the stocks he covers helps to keep Kingdom Ridge ahead of the crowd.


    • Nick Caputo is an Equity Analyst at Kingdom Ridge Capital in White Plains, New York. He has been with them since late 2007 and is one of its original four-person investment team members.
    • He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Boston College in 2000, with a degree in Finance. He says if he hadn’t majored in Finance he would have studied architecture. His other interests include reading nonfiction, and he has recently been reading a book about the rise and fall of the Blackberry smart phone.
    • It wasn’t so long ago that Blackberries seemed to be everywhere, enjoying a fifty percent market share. Things began to change in 2007 with the introduction of the iPhone.“A company that introduced the BlackBerry in 1998 became a $20 billion company from nothing in less than a decade,” said journalist Jacquie McNish, referring to Research in Motion, or RIM. “Then four or five years later, it was back down to a $3 billion company, gasping for breath.”
    • The BlackBerry enjoyed enormous popularity during its brief reign as the device of choice for so many users, but as Nick Caputo of Kingdom Ridge Capital learned, in the end it couldn’t compete with the iPhone.

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