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Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle

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Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle is a highly experienced and dedicated professional in the field of business brokering. He has owned numerous companies that he has in turn sold in order to become a full-time business broker. His experience in selling companies ranges a wide array of industries including telecommunications, technology, equipment, manufacturing, and internet marketing. He has sold companies for as little as $168,000 and for as much as $35 million.


Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle started as a broker in 1984 after studying business and accounting at Colorado State University’s graduate program. His unique video marketing approach combined with his long list of buyers gives him an advantage over others in his field.

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    • Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle is a professional business broker who has a wide array of experience in various industries and markets. He prides himself on his dedicated work ethic, optimism, and ability to sell businesses quickly and efficiently. His diverse portfolio includes selling businesses in industries such as technology, equipment, telecommunications, construction, Internet marketing, retail, and credit card processing, among the many.
    • Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle comes highly recommended by several business owners and operators who have hired Jeff for his services. Grand Rental Station, an equipment rental company based in Northern Colorado, recently hired Jeff to sell their company. Ray Hoekstra Jr., president of Grand Rental Station, wanted someone who was a people person, who was good with numbers, and who had prior business ownership experience. They picked Jeff after meeting with three different business brokers, deciding that he best suited their needs and desires. Hoekstra notes that the entire process from start to finish went very smoothly, attributing the positive outcome to Jeff’s experience and professionalism.

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    • Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle is a professional business broker who is entirely dedicated to satisfying his clients day in and day out. He has been a broker since 1984 and has since acquired experience and developed expertise in a wide range of industries and markets. He has been a certified financial planner and has owned several businesses that he has sold in order to become a full-time business broker.
    • Jeff is an expert at analyzing companies and developing spreadsheets that outline a company’s earnings and benefits, laying the groundwork for a higher sale price once a buyer is found. Jeff has sold businesses for as much as $35 million and for as little as $168k. He has sold businesses in industries such as technology, woodworking, manufacturing, construction, telecommunications, equipment, retail, and internet marketing, among the many.
    • Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle utilizes the combination of his unique marketing approach and his long list of established buyers to conduct business swiftly, discretely, and efficiently. His video marketing strategy help tells the seller’s story, giving the buyer a better feel for the company and have greater trust in the seller. He has sold businesses throughout Colorado, including in Grand Junction, Aspen, Boulder, Glenwood Springs, Colorado Springs, and every part of Denver.

Areas of Expertise

    • Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle has worked professionally in the field of brokering since 1984 after attending Colorado State University’s Business and Accounting graduate program. He attended Ohio Wesleyan University for his undergraduate degree where both of his parents attended, met, and eventually married. It wasn’t until 1983 that he moved to Colorado to start his graduate studies. He was hired, at age 25, by Prudential Bache Securities where he would work for 13 years; holding titles such as Assistant Manager, Sales Manager, and Training Manager.
    • Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle’s wide range of experience in his industry illustrates his versatility and ability to sell companies of all sizes successfully. He has sold businesses for as much as $35 million and for as a little as $168,000. Also, he has sold businesses in various industries, from equipment to construction to telecommunications/technology. His long list of established buyers that he has built over the years is utilized with his unique video marketing approach to help sell companies fast and efficiently.
    • Jeff’s reputation for being optimistic and persevering when trying to sell even the toughest of listings is something that he is proud of. He always works hard for every one of his clients. Jeff has sold businesses throughout Colorado, including cities Grand Junction, Aspen, Loveland, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and most areas of Denver.


    • Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle is the professional business broker that every client wants working for them. He is widely experienced and demonstrates many unique business practices successfully when conducting business. He started working as a broker in 1984 after attending the Colorado State University Business and Accounting Graduate Program. He is originally from Ohio, but moved to Colorado to attend school. He has since lived in Denver as a broker, offering his 30 years of experience and dedicated services to those who are looking to transition out of their business.
    • Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle has owned and sold numerous businesses on his way to becoming a full-time business broker. Jeff’s age and experience help him sell a business quickly, discretely, and efficiently; often helping to mediate buyers’ and sellers’ differences to get the transaction closed. He utilizes a unique video marketing strategy in tandem with a long list of buyers that he has accumulated over the years to achieve high rates of success.

Additional Details

    • Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle comes as a highly recommended business broker by numerous business owners. His wide range of experience and expertise in brokering businesses gives him a competitive edge over his broker peers. Jeff has sold businesses in a variety of industries, including Internet marketing, construction, equipment, manufacturing, and telecommunications, to name a few. He is happy to provide references.
    • Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle puts 100% into selling each listing because he knows that he only gets paid if the business sells. He doesn’t charge any fees and works hard all the way to closing a deal, ensuring that it happens and never expecting to get paid if it doesn’t happen.
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