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Gate Investment Group

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Gate Investment Group is a finance company specializing in risk business partnering and unique financing solutions. Gate Investments partners with small and medium sized enterprises in South Africa and select African countries, actively supporting entrepreneurial growth by providing financing, specialist sector knowledge, and added-value services.


At Gate Investment Group, it is understood that expanding economic opportunity is where first have the greatest potential to create value for business and society alike. New business activity creates much-needed employment opportunities, generates public revenue for governments, and makes available a variety of products and services to both consumers and other businesses. Gate Investment Group understands the role of business in expanding economic opportunities.

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    • Gate Investment Group supports entrepreneurial growth in South Africa and in select African countries by considering financing applications of formal small and medium businesses.
    • Gates Investment Group is proud of its record of achievement. With a combination of financial expertise and innovative marketing strategies, the Gates Investment team has distinguished itself in the investment world by helping its partner businesses define their goals and develop winning strategies for success.
    • The Gate Investment Group can leverage longtime relationships to the benefit of its partner enterprises, connecting them with prominent industry players. In evaluating the entrepreneur, Gates Investment considers such aspects as the ability to run a successful business on sound business principles such as integrity, drive and vision, the same principles on which Gates Investments was founded.
    • The goal of the Gate Investment Group is to meet the needs of each of its clients for long term profit potential and success.

Our Clients


    • Gate Investment Group partners with small to medium sized businesses to actively support their entrepreneurial growth. Gates Investment enables its partner companies to manage risk and expand their access to capital markets at home and abroad.
    • Gate Investment Group offers its clients a unique management philosophy that focuses on individual solutions designed to meet specific financial objectives. Gate Investment has built a devoted following by providing its partner companies with independent and no-nonsense financing solutions that satisfy their financial needs. Gate Investment ensures the diversity of its financial services so that we can grow as the needs of the partner companies grow.
    • At Gate Investment Group, it is understood that partner companies have an important impact in their communities and that the private sector is, globally, the main engine of economic growth. Gate Investments considers financing applications of up to R25 million in most sectors of the economy, and specializes in those formal small and medium sized businesses whose gross assets are less than R100 million. Gates emphasizes the financial services offered to small entrepreneurs, and enables them to reach their full potential. And that, in turn, allows them to play their essential and even pivotal role in the development of their own communities.

Areas of Expertise


    • Gate Investment Group is headed by Dr Richard Nel, widely regarded as a great investor and the mastermind who built the company into an investing and business conglomerate valued at more than R2.6 million.
    • Gate Investment Group structures individualized financing solutions for small to medium sized businesses in South Africa and elsewhere on the continent. The company believes in the transformational power of commerce and technology. Experts say that the private sector is going to be the driving force of economic growth all through Africa, bringing with it the prosperity that its people need and deserve. While economic growth is already on the move, it needs new investments in physical and human capital to keep the momentum going. Public investments require fiscal space, along with good and proper public financial management. And private investments need good macroeconomic policies, coupled with frameworks of strong legal and regulatory policy, along with access to finance.
    • Gate Investment Group believes that economic opportunities are an obvious benefit to companies and communities alike. Partnerships for development are promising, and perhaps the most effective option for growth in Africa, and the private sector is playing an ever-more important role in this growth as time goes by.


    • Gate Investment Group is headed by Dr Richard Nel, whose hard work and ambition have catapulted Gate Investment to its status as a major business and investing conglomerate valued at more than R2.6 billion. Dr Richard Nel received his MBA and Ph.D. in Marketing and Sales from The University of the Commonwealth.
    • The executive team at Gate Investment Group has created the vision, strategy and blueprint for the growth of its partner enterprises. Its state of the art advisory platform is a leading differentiator. The team brings more than half a century of combined experience to each partnership venture, and have had leadership roles that have expanded acquisitions, building business development programs, and the development of national advertising campaigns. The executive team membership includes Chief Supervisory Officers, Business Advisors and Compliance Officers. Responsibilities have been in the areas of strategic planning, recruiting, marketing, sales distribution, training, and operations, along with product marketing, sponsorship program development, and financial institution alliances management.

Additional Details

    • Gates Investment Group partners with small to medium sized enterprises to help them meet their financial needs with proven business solutions.
    • The goal of the Gates Investment Group is to meet the needs of the customer by ensuring diversity to investment and financial services, so that both Gates Investment and the client benefit and grow together. The high level challenges of the modern business world have created numerous challenges. Many companies struggle in this harsh and difficult environment, but Gates Investment Group can facilitate outstanding market leadership with innovation and best practices that benefit partners and their communities alike.
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