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Free Fit Floors

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Free Fit Floors – The Best in Product Quality, Innovation and Design


Looking for a floor that inspires? Free Fit Floors specializes in the manufacture of innovate flooring products, created to reflect the best in industry quality, innovation and design. When you choose Free Fit products for your next floor installation, you can rest assured knowing you’ve selected a superior-quality product, as well as the best value in the industry.


Free Fit Floors look great and last for years, and are the height of durability, functionality and product beauty. Each floor can be installed quickly and cost-effectively, saving you valuable time, money and energy. For more info on this amazing flooring innovation, go to today.

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    • Professionals throughout the flooring industry recognize Free Fit Floors’ ongoing commitment to excellence. As a leader in competitively priced, innovate flooring products, Free Fit continues to receive considerable praise from both professionals and customers alike, people who recognize a high-quality, long-lasting flooring product when they see it.
    • Free Fit Floors, who first carved their niche in the flooring world over five years ago, continues to exceed people’s expectations, not only with a cutting-edge flooring product, but also through responsive customer service. By making each customer the center of their focus, and by offering a revolutionary product, Free Fit has made an indelible imprint on the flooring industry.
    • Free Fit Flooring products go uncontested in terms of pricing, quality and ease of installation. If you’d like more information on their flooring products, or are just considering a new floor for your home or business, visit today.

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    • Refuse to settle for a floor or flooring product that fails to meet expectations. Make Free Fit Floors your first choice for cutting-edge flooring products you know you can depend on for beauty, reliability and functionality for many years to come.
    • Free Fit Floors are proven to provide great-looking floors in as little time as possible. Affordable, innovative and easy to install on nearly any floor surface, Free Fit’s luxury vinyl tile planks and tiles enhance the quality and aesthetic of the room, and create a floor you can truly be proud of. With an unsurpassed durability, these floors transform rooms into experiences, adding an element of design and beauty to the area while affording you the opportunity to get the most from an innovative flooring product well into the future.
    • Free Fit Floors has worked diligently to create, develop and offer a product that makes great flooring available to everyone. Developed to provide 100% dimensional stability and to never need an adhesive during the course of installation, Free Fit products have proven far superior to the competition, and have redefined the floor covering industry. To see how Free Fit Floors make the achievement of a great floor easier and more affordable than ever before, visit

Areas of Expertise

    • Free Fit Floors professionals have poured years of flooring industry expertise and experience into the design, development and manufacture of the most innovate flooring products on the market. Seeking a way to create a flooring solution that epitomized both luxury and durability, Free Fit engineers came up with a way to provide a flooring product that is both easy to install, has a minimal impact on the environment and provides a cost-effective and beautiful alternative to traditional flooring options.
    • Made to be water-tight and resistant to impact, Free Fit Floors have been created to last, and to provide the home or business owner years of enjoyment. By eliminating the need for adhesives and through the implementation of a patented suction technology, Free Fit professionals have developed a product that has little to no equal on the market; a flooring option that will never delaminate, easy to maintain and provides industry-leading peace of mind.
    • Free Fit Floors is proud of what they’ve accomplished with the creation of this amazing product, and are pleased to have the opportunity to share this incredible technology with the flooring consumer. By creating an all-new flooring category, they’ve revolutionized an entire industry.



    • The customer service professionals at Free Fit Floors seek to make your Free Fit experience as enjoyable, satisfying and rewarding as possible. As manufacturer of the most innovative, eco-friendly flooring products on the market, Free Fit professionals want every customer to have access to not only a great-quality product, but also a people who care about their needs, and who will take the time to address their concerns and answer their questions when and wherever possible.
    • Free Fit Floors is staffed by caring customer service professionals who make each customer their highest priority. Their objective is to provide every customer and client and the most memorable and positive experience possible, which is why they strive to always deliver attentive, responsive and focused service at every available opportunity.
    • For great products that come with great customer service, trust the experts at Free Fit Floors today. Their experts work hard to cultivate and maintain high rates of customer loyalty.

Additional Details

    • The Free Fit Floors website offers both potential and existing flooring customers the opportunity to get answers to some of the most commonly asked product questions. By providing a list of the most frequently asked questions on the Free Fit floors site, customers have the chance to learn a great deal about product installation, technology, materials and more.
    • If you’re interested in purchasing Free Fit flooring products for your home or business, and would like to know more about the many amazing advantages their products provide, visit today. Learn how simple, easy and affordable a Free Fit Floor can be.
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