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  • It is the mission of Del Mar Builders to become one of the best and most well-known construction companies out there. One of the ways the company is helping to accomplish this is by consistently creating a service that is modern and of high quality and affordability. Everyone at Del Mar from the people who own it to the janitor are all committed to excellence. This reflects in the work done by all the employees of the company as well. It is this kind of attitude that has allowed the company to grow as much as it has over the course of over 35 years.
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    • The Del Mar Builders construction company has won a number of awards over the course of its 35 years in operation. Among these awards is the “Project of the Year” award for the Green Build Expansion. This award is given to whichever construction team came up with the most progressive facility for greener living during the year. Del Mar won this award because the company has a natural dedication to green construction, as well as a staff full of creative and passionate people who want to help change the world.
    • Among Del Mar Builders many accolades includes the Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Award. As the company was placed among Glassdoor’s “Top 50 Best Places to Work”. This award was given as a result of the company’s policy towards their employees. This policy always puts the concerns and needs of the employees first. This includes their safety, health, and salary. Del Mar encourages each employee to challenge themselves and to grow.

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    • Del Mar Builders offers a wide range of different products and services designed to make green, sustainable homes. That is because of the many inherent advantages that greener products have over their blacker counterparts. One product that the company offers is low toxicity building materials. These are materials that help ensure the health of the environment, as well as the inhabitants of the home. That means using paints inside and outside the house with low toxicity levels, as well as limiting the use of different sealants and chemical epoxies on the interior of the home. This helps keep the home safe for children and the environment.
    • Another way that Del Mar Builders helps to create greener homes is by using a water conserving plumbing system. They offer services that use plumbing fixtures throughout the house that are specifically designed to conserve energy. This includes using a low-flow shower head and a dual-flush toilet that also has an option for lower flush for fluids and a standard flush for solid wastes. The company even offers high quality faucets that are designed to last and have easily replaceable parts. Green living helps to increase the affordability and the functionality of the home.

Areas of Expertise

    • The mission of Del Mar Builders is to create a more sustainable, greener home for the average consumer. This means that they focus on using biodegradable, renewable material to create efficient cost-effective homes that can still house entire families comfortably. Del Mar believes that you don’t have to sacrifice luxury or quality in order to have an affordable and economic home. A sustainable house can be just as comfortable as a conservative one, and cost much less to build and operate. Del Mar accomplishes this by using a number of different modern methods and sustainability strategies. This has distinguished them from much of the competition.
    • Del Mar Builders uses things like solar panels to gather energy during the day. The energy gathered from these solar panels can do everything from heat a pool, to your home, to your water heater. The energy can even be used to cool your home and your food. Energy gathered from solar panels can run every electric appliance in the home. That means cooking and cleaning around the house using free energy. While solar panel installation costs more initially, it saves the household money in the long run. That is the power of using sustainable strategy in construction.


    • Del Mar Builders is a company that is full of dedicated professionals who are passionate about their careers. That is because Del Mar specifically seeks out employees who are enthusiastic about the field they are in. The company believes that it is important for their crew members to have a passion for the craft. They believe that passion helps to cultivate quality, which in turn creates reliability for consistent service and a better company name.
    • Del Mar Builders consists of many well-educated, well-trained, and dedicated staff members. They have helped to convert the business from a small operation into one of the most respected construction companies operating out of the Chicago area. Del Mar takes pride in the passion of their employees, and also treats them with the respect and value that they have earned. That is why customers and employees alike trust the Del Mar name and company.

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    • One of the reasons that Del Mar Builders has been so successful over the years is because it has achieved sustainable growth. In the business world, growing annually is something that all companies strive for. Though this growth isn’t always fast or large, as long as it is going at a steady increased rate, it is good growth. Del Mar has achieved a sustained growth over the last eight years, impressive for a company that started as nothing more than an idea in a friend’s garage. The company has grown to be one of the most respected and popular in the wider Chicago area.
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