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The Malaysian technology firm Maxis released Botsmax in 2009. Since then, membership in the social media platform has grown to 5 registered users. BOTS, or Battle of the Sexes, is a strictly Malaysian application and is made for use on mobile devices connected to Malaysian Internet services. The platform tries to bring people together, especially men and women by allowing users to challenge each other to fun games and quizzes designed to forge connections between men and women in a network-wide competition between men and women. Botsmax’s creators believe that this competitive spirit is what leads to solid connections and sometimes to strong relationships.

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    •    Every several weeks, Botsmax releases a new contest for its users. The top performers for a variety of games and quizzes are eligible to win special prizes and earn points for their gender in Battle of the Sexes online arena. With every contest, participation has increased, from a few thousand participants in the first few contests to a hundreds of thousands for the most recent contests. These contests are one of the many reasons that BOTS is rising as Malaysia’s most popular social media network. This distinction as one of the most popular social networks comes as no surprise when many Malaysian couples are saying they met each other on the BOTS network, and with a profusion of new games, downloads, and contests coming from BOTS’ creator, Maxis, on a regular basis. Increased participation in BOTS contests is recognition enough for the development team and its many supporters throughout the company.

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    • Botsmax is a social media platform designed to bring men and women together in a fun, friendly, online gaming center. BOTS, or Battle of the Sexes, is the future of the continuing rivalry between genders. It is also a great digital space to meet men or women and forge connections that sometimes lead to strong relationships. Many Malaysian couples say that they met on one of the most popular social media networks in the country. BOTS has an arcade of fun games and quizzes designed to test users’ general knowledge and their video game skills.
    •    Botsmax encourages men and women to come together over fun online games and challenges. Users also enjoy a fully functional social network, with fully controllable chat rooms, a messaging system, photo-sharing, and friend’s lists. With this fully interactive interface, users can find each other easily and forge the kinds of connections that can last for years. Users can also keep track of each others’ activities and thoughts through status updates and location check-ins. With over 5 million registered users on BOTS since its launch in 2009, the ever-growing network will continue to attract users and provide all Malaysians with new levels of digital connection in the digital age.

Areas of Expertise

    •    Botsmax is a social media network created by the Malaysian technology firm Maxis. The network launched in 2009, and since then, over 5 registered users have joined. Users can expect to be paired with other like-minded users based on their personality types as determined by thoughtfully crafted personality questionnaires. These questionnaires classify everyone according to sixteen personality traits. In this way, all users can find someone their personality is similar to.
    •    BOTS, Battle of the Sexes places men and women in the same digital arena in which they can challenge each other to games of skill and wit. Botsmax has a Domination Bar—a bar graph showing one gender’s dominance over the other. As men and women battle each other in these fun, social, and challenging games, their gender’s Domination Bar increases or decreases depending on who wins.
    •    Botsmax creates opportunities for men and women to come together in a competitive spirit and connect with each other. BOTS is a fully functional social media site as well as gaming suite that pits men against women. Users can message each other, share photos, send each other gifts, and challenge each other to fun, social games they can bond over. As the network grows, so do the connections and relationships between BOTS’s users.



    •    Botsmax was developed by Maxis, a leading technology company in Malaysia. BOTS, or Battle of the Sexes, was designed for all Malaysians with mobile devices. The team at Maxis designed BOTS to be fully compatible with smart phones and other mobile devices so that all users can access the network anywhere in the country. Accessing the Botsmax network doesn’t use data in Malaysia, so users can access the network without exceeding their data usage limits. The team at Maxis is constantly updating the social media outlet and adding new downloadable content to keep their users coming back. As the network expands, the BOTS will continue to attract more users who will forge new connections with each other through ever-evolving challenges, games, and contests. BOTS is becoming the most popular social media network in the country, and the team at Maxis is charged with ensuring that it never disappoints its loyal users.

Additional Details

    •    Botsmax was originally launched by the Malaysian technology company Maxis in 2009. Since then, membership in the all-Malaysian social media network has grown over 5 million registered users within the country. As the network grows, the Maxis team figures to continue to add features, downloadable content, games, contests, and more. Maxis thinks that with increased membership in the social media platform, increased features and innovations will follow. New users demand different features and attributes to optimize their BOTS experience, so the technology company will continue to improve the service to cater to the flood of new users trying to forge connections with members of the opposite sex, and keep in contact with their friends.
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