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Ryan Kashubara
Ryan Kashubara
Ryan Kashubara
Ryan Kashubara
Ryan Kashubara
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Ryan Kashubara

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Ryan Kashubara is a skilled and experienced industrial engineer living in Cincinnati, Ohio. He earned a Bachelor’s degree from Ohio State University in 2011 and has worked in the manufacturing industry ever since. He has helped Epic Technologies before and after the company shifted ownership groups, develop solutions for all of its customers throughout the Ohio area.

Ryan Kashubara is well-known for his work with a medical device company that contracted with Epic Technologies. He helped ensure that all of the components that Epic produced for this client were all up to the many strict industry standards so that the client could sell its crucial products all over the world.

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    • Ryan Kashubara is well-known for his work ethic. As a process engineer for Epic Technologies, he painstakingly analyzed and examined all production processes and methods for the manufacturing company and created new systems to improve them. He worked for Epic Technologies for three years before the company was bought out by NEO Tech, which consolidated the factory from Norwalk, Ohio to Mason, Ohio in 2014. During this transition, Kashubara worked ever harder to make the transfer as smooth as possible. He personally oversaw the transfer and launch of a high volume production line for within the new facility in Mason.
    • Ryan Kashubara earned a reputation as a smart, hard-working industrial engineer who isn’t afraid to learn how to manage people and work with new and old clients and customers. He became the lead process engineer for the company after the transfer and helped it grow and find new customers.

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    • Ryan Kashubara is looking for his next opportunity and challenge in the manufacturing and industrial engineering field. An Ohio native who now lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kashubara has been deeply involved in organization improvements in the efficiency of manufacturing all kinds of products and components. As a quality engineer for Epic Technologies, Kashubara worked hard to, as he says, “ensure the integrity of the electronics and printed circuit boards assemblies that Epic manufactured.” He became an expert in the complicated electronics Epic was manufacturing through contracts with several companies based around the world. He worked on many different products with Epic.
    • But what sets Ryan Kashubara apart from other industrial engineers is his ability to fit in business goals and practices into his work. Kashubara has experience working directly with clients and being the face of the Epic Technologies brand to its customers. He also has excellent managerial skills. He worked as a shift leader and manager before Epic changed owners in 2014. Not only does he know how manufacturing processes are supposed to work and how to make them efficient, he also knows how to make sales and make customers happy. He brings a unique set of skills to the table.

Areas of Expertise

    • Ryan Kashubara has a background in Industrial Engineering. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Ohio State University in 2011 and went on to work as a quality engineer for Epic Technologies, which contract manufactured products for a number of companies. Kashubara started at this company as a quality engineer, helping to ensure that the processes the company uses to make the products for their clients are efficient and sound at all times. He helped the company dump over $25,000 in annual operational waste during his time there.
    • After some time focusing on processes he could improve for his employer, Ryan Kashubara became more involved in customer service representation. In charge of the repair and return process for Epic Technologies, Kashubara took advantage of his opportunity to interact more directly with clients to develop communication skills and how to develop clients.
    • Kashubara ended up working more with clients and after Epic Technologies became a subsidiary of NEO Tech, he helped a medical device company get the components they need to make the products that medical professionals all over the world and their patients need. He possesses a great deal of business acumen in addition to his skills as an engineer, making his expertise unique.


    • Ryan Kashubara worked for Epic Technologies from 2011, when he graduated from Ohio State University with a BS in Industrial Engineering, until 2016, two years after it was sold and bought by a new owner and he transferred with a medical product line to a factory in Mason, Ohio. During that time, Kashubara helped make the company more profitable with the implementation of many new processes that increased efficiency and allowed for higher-quality products for all customers.
    • Ryan Kashubara is quick to heap praise on his team mates, but it was he who helped identify ways to make the production of materials for clients more efficient and safer for all workers on the assembly line. He would later become a leader during the ownership transition Epic experienced in 2014. He was a shift leader and became the lead customer service representative to a medical device company that needed extremely high-quality electronic components produced. He lives and works in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Additional Details

    • Ryan Kashubara has learned many things since graduating from Ohio State University with a BS degree in Industrial Engineering. He worked for Epic Technologies for five years in all, and he helped the company change owners and transfer to a new facility. After the transfer, Kashubara became the lead process engineer for medical products at Epic Technologies. He worked closely with a medical device company to get them the best possible products as efficiently as possible.
    • Ryan Kashubara is also a huge basketball fan. He enjoys playing with his friends as much as he can and rooting for the Cleveland Cavaliers during basketball season.
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