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Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC, was launched in 2006 by Dawn J. Bennett in Washington D.C. It is a privately-held financial firm that works with foundational, corporate and individual financial portfolios, specializing in high net worth clients.


Dawn J. Bennett is acting CEO of the company and the host of the weekly radio talk show Financial Myth Busing with Dawn Bennett. She has interviewed some of the biggest names in the industry and she is recognized for her unique insights into the economy, the stock market and investing. She also conducts monthly investing-oriented seminars.


All Bennett Group clients have access to Dawn Bennett’s view of finances that she has gained during more than three decades of experience.

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    • Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC, was founded in 2006 by financial businesswoman Dawn J. Bennett. Through her company, she is able to help clients set and reach financial goals, and in addition to her company, she hosts a weekly radio talk show known as Financial Myth Busting with Dawn Bennett.
    • Though Bennett’s awards and memberships are too numerous to list in entirety, some of the most notable include:
    • Recognition by Registered Representative Magazine among the top “10 Outstanding New Investment Brokers” in the United States of America.
      Recognition by Research Magazine for work with money managers regarding 401(k) plans; also recognized for work throughout the United State of America in Pension Management and general 401(k) plans.
      Member of the Legg Mason’s President Council.
      Member of the Investment Management Consultants Association.
      Past Member of the Council for Small Business – United States Chamber of Commerce.
    • With additional awards and memberships on her resume, and more still of each Bennett Group team member, Dawn Bennett provides top-quality financial services at all times.

Our Clients

    • Bennett Group Financial


    • Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC – founded and managed by Dawn J. Bennett – is a Washington D.C. financial media and research firm that specializes in a high net worth client base. The Bennett Group team has decades of combined experience and, headed by Dawn Bennett, it develops financial research and media outreach programs to better assist clients.
    • Through Bennett Group, clients can lower their financial risk, conserve their assets and grow their portfolios. Clients receive personal, comprehensive aid in securing their financial futures. Not only will the Bennett Group team help you create sound financial plans, but they will help you get to where you want to be by keeping you motivated and disciplined throughout the process.
    • Bennett Group operates on a philosophy of understanding and education. Each financial professional works with his or her clients to help them understand their current financial situation before making any decisions. This will allow you to receive the help that you need to turn your financial dreams into reality.
    • Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC, focuses primarily on mutual funds, fixed-income securities, emerging markets and equities for individual, corporate and foundational portfolios. For more information or to schedule a consultation meeting with a Bennett Group professional, call 1-866-286-2268.

Areas of Expertise

    • Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC, is run by founder and acting CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Dawn J. Bennett. Dawn Bennett is a Certified Investment Management Analyst with more than three decades of experience in her field.
    • Bennett has schooling from the Wharton School of Business, the University of Utah and Middlebury College, and she has served as a visiting professor with Johns Hopkins University Evergreen Society. Additionally, she held a membership with the Council for Small Business (United States Chamber of Commerce) between the years of 2006 and 2007, and she is a current member of both the Investment Management Consultants Association and Legg Mason’s President Council.
    • Though her resume and education is already diverse, Dawn J. Bennett is best known for her media appearances. She is the host of a weekly radio talk show known as Financial Myth Busting with Dawn Bennett, and a regular contributor to CNBC (Consumer News and Business Channel), Fox News, CNN, Bloomberg Television and more. She has interviewed Dr. Ben Carson, Steve Forbes, Senator Rand Paul and other big names in the financial industry.
    • The Bennett Group firm has more than a decade of reputation behind its name in addition to Dawn Bennett’s individual experience. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 1-866-286-2268.


    • Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC, is a Washington D.C. firm that was launched by financial businesswoman and talk show host Dawn J. Bennett in 2006. She serves as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and, with her experienced team, she ensures that her clients receive only the best care.
    • The Bennett Group team takes a hands-on approach to each client, forming working relationships that allow them to provide only the best service. Bennett Group specializes in high net worth clients, and the team helps each one from goal-setting to goal-accomplishment, providing support for everything in between.
    • In addition to specializing in high net worth clients, the Bennett Group team focuses primarily on emerging markets, equities, mutual funds and fixed-income securities. With access to Dawn Bennett’s insights on the current financial market and the firm’s hands-on approach, clients walk away feeling secure and satisfied with the care that they receive during meetings with the Bennett Group team.

Additional Details

    • Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC, is happy to answer any and all questions from existing and potential clients. Every member of the Bennett Group team takes a personalized approach to monetary guidance, focusing on hands-on work with their clients. They’ll help you through every step of your financial journey, from making plans for your future so that you can outline goals to staying dedicated on the path required to seize your dream life.
    • Bennett Group Financial Services bases its customer care of understanding and education. To find answers or schedule an appointment for a consultation, call 1-866-286-2268 to speak with a knowledgeable team member today.
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